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Protect and Preserve Luxury Timepieces

What is TimeCare?

Luxury watches are not just accessories; they are life investments, memories, and family heirlooms. However, owning a luxury watch comes with risks such as theft, burglary, and robbery. Watch owners deserve more prudent protection - that gives birth to TimeCare.

TimeCare is an innovative insurance product that leverages blockchain technology to provide secure and transparent coverage for luxury watches. This means that owners can enjoy their watches without worrying about the financial consequences of any potential mishaps.


How does TimeCare work?

Comprehensive coverage

TimeCare provides comprehensive coverage against theft, burglary, and robbery worldwide.

With our global coverage, luxury watches are safeguarded wherever the owners go. We understand the unique risks associated with luxury timepieces and have tailored TimeCare to address these specific needs.


Streamlined enrollment process

With TimeCare, enrollment is as seamless as a few clicks. Our intuitive and user-friendly digital partner platform allows for quick and hassle-free registration.

In addition to financial protection, TimeCare also offers convenience for customers to access to all sales records, certificates of the watches, and insurance policies.

a luxury watch with a data blockchain background

Unrivalled security with blockchain

The blockchain technology used by TimeCare ensures that all transactions are recorded and digitally signed in a secure ledger, providing complete transparency and security.

.Flag stolen watches in a free-to-access ledger

Securely verify and renew insurance with YAS

Get the protection for your luxury watch customers

Partner with YAS and ensure the security, authenticity, and long-term value preservation of your luxury product. Click the button to get started and don't miss this chance!

Why YAS?

YAS is a pioneer who grows with changes and empowers people to live to the fullest. As we want to demonstrate “the how of happiness” through technology in good hands, we start our TimeCare journey.

Established partnership


YAS has partnered with Oriental Watch (HKSE: 398.HK), one of the most prestigious names in the luxury watch industry, to bring TimeCare to life.

In addition, we have partnered with QBE Hong Kong, a leading general insurer, to underwrite over HK$100,000,000.00 for this grand launch.

Customer satisfaction

At YAS, customer satisfaction is our top priority same as you.

Kingson, 35 years old, Product owner of a start up.
"Being a frequent traveler across Europe, I've always worried about the safety of my luxury watches. With TimeCare, I finally have peace of mind knowing that my watches are protected against theft wherever I go. It's the perfect solution for watch enthusiasts like me who value both security and convenience."


Interested in TimeCare as an individual watch owner ?

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For individual insurance with TimeCare, the online platform and blockchain technology aspects will be independently handled by YAS at a later stage.